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Products / Services

Advanced equipment for sustainable manufacturing

Sensor Technology

Enabling to detect and seperate foreign particles

Sorting Machines

Sorters to reduce food waste

Compact Manufacturing

Processing machinery for smaller batches


We provide consultancy for innovative solutions, technologies and new recipes

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Healthier eating is on the rise!

We live in a hectic,urbanized world in which the growing middle class has been setting the global consumer food trends. The pace of life makes people find out ways to reach for practical, on-the- go type of eating style. Portion control and convenience have become more important for the consumers, especially for the single-person households.


Women spending more time at work, households shrinking, consumers being more conscious on health issues have lead an increase on the expectancy of HIGH QUALITY FOODS. Full-meal experience for the weekends while quick prepared dinners and relaxation food during the week has become a routine. The trend in the kitchen is to find the most possible CLEAN LABEL (natural, minimally processed)  food  that your mom would suggest you to eat! 

Back to the basics…

Who We Are


Twenty years of business experience in several industries like FMCG, Consumer Goods, Retail, Distribution and Logistics. Last decade focused on hands-on consulting for corporate and business unit strategy, turnaround management, customer segmentation and channel management.


Since Turkey has become a hub for the local and multinational companies operating especially in the EEMEA region, holistic approach to drive teams and operations for delivering better results has become necessary. We are proud to be in service of companies helping them beat the tough competition among rivals. 


To be the leader food technology company in the region.


To supply innovative solutions and technologies to manufacture healthier products that people enjoy eating and drinking

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People, Integrity, Excellence, Innovation.

We are in service of the society with respect to the health excellence with our passionate, positive team members embracing change and innovation.

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This is the reason we have founded NOVASIVA!

To provide solutions to meet the expectations of people for healthier food.


People prefer to consume natural products.


It is more important for the products to be as fresh as possible.


Healthy food trend leads to chemical-free products.


Food safety drives manufacturers to use advanced technology.


New processing technologies have taken-off.

Alternative to tradional thermal and chemical treatments.

Environmentally friendly process that respects the ingredient and helps maintain the fresh food characteristics

Extends Shelf life with CLEAN LABEL

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